Walk of Awareness Day on 12 February 2021: Port Adelaide

Walk of Awareness Day Event at Port Adelaide on 12 February 2021

To recognise the Stolen Generations and commemorate February 13-Apology Day, there will be a Walk of Awareness event on February 12, 2021

Where: Port Adelaide; community and walkers to gather around the Birkenhead bridge side

When: 12 February 2021 starting from 11.15am

What will happen:  People/Community will gather and walk from the Birkenhead bridge side across to the southern side towards Hart’s Mill. There will be:

  • smoking ceremony,
  • Kaurna welcome to country,
  • FREE community lunch and
  • storytelling sessions

We hope to see you and many of our Community there!

Walk of Awareness Event Feb 2021-Poster

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