Counselling & Narrative Therapy

At Nunkuwarrin Yunti we offer free and confidential counselling as well as psychological services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, adolescents, adults and families.

Nunkuwarrin Yunti Counselling Services

  • Are offered at Wakefield St, Christies Beach and Elizabeth Downs offices.
  • Are free and confidential.

Why go to counselling?

Aboriginal people have done it tough. We are strong and proud, but sometimes we need healing.

Some of us have problems with family or with our lives. Some have mental illnesses like depression, trauma, or anxiety. Some families with young children need help.

There are lots of ways of healing in Country and culture. Aboriginal people have always yarned up and told our story. Counselling is like yarning up. It is one way of healing.

Who can come to counselling?

Any member of an Aboriginal family, including Elders, members of the Stolen Generations, families, adults, couples, young people, and children.

What is social and emotional wellbeing?

People can have problems in their life that make them feel bad. This can be problems with family, with drugs and alcohol, with difficult decisions, with sexuality or identity, or with recovering from violence or trauma.

Counselling can help people find their own solutions to problems in their lives.

What is mental illness?

Mental illness can mean:

  • Trouble sleeping or eating.
  • Can’t concentrate.
  • Feeling sad or worried all the time.
  • No energy.
  • Thinking about suicide or hurting yourself.

Mental health counsellors can treat mental illnesses like depression anxiety or trauma. Treatment may cure the illness or it may help you move forward on your healing journey.

Specialist services

Referrals can be made internally to other Nunkuwarrin Yunti programs for additional supports such:

• Harm Minimisation Team (HMT) for people with drug and alcohol problems wanting casework support and information
• Our Women and Children Family Health for pregnancy care, child health checks and immunisation
• Social Health case work to provide practical support for people managing life challenges around housing, child care, managing bills and other difficult things in life.
• Many, many other services available at Nunkuwarrin Yunti clinics

 What does counselling mean?

Counselling is like yarning. It means talking about what troubles you and how you would like your life to be different.

Counselling can be hard because it means turning up for appointments, talking about bad stuff, and trying new ways of coping.

It can also be fun, building on your strengths and confidence.

If you stick with it, it can change your life.


To get to see one of our staff, ring us on 8392 3500. We can take your information over the phone and ring you back to make an appointment.

Or you can fill out a referral form yourself or get a family member, support worker or doctor to refer you.

For treatment for a mental illness you will need a referral from your doctor. We can help you to get that.

Click here to download the Paanthi – Social Emotional Wellbeing & Mental Health – Referral Form. 

Would you like to know more?

Below is a list of additional external links that you can access for more information on psychology and counselling.