Social Health Casework

Nunkuwarrin Yunti provides a range of services that promote the improvement of social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Nunkuwarrin Yunti provides a range of services that promote the improvement of social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Social Health Case Work

We provide practical support for people managing life challenges around housing, child care, managing bills and other difficult things in life. This includes providing hands on support for people engaged in counselling, to improve social health at a practical level as well as emotional health.

We also provide support to families to help reduce the risk of contact with the child protection and alternative care systems, through case management, advocacy and support to access community services and improve family health and wellbeing.

Some of the areas in which we provide one on one support include:

  • Sorting out housing
  • Looking for work and communicating with Centrelink
  • Advocacy in working with Government agencies and other organisations
  • Sitting with you during meetings with counsellors, lawyers, at case conferences and other meetings
  • Advocacy to the courts in providing support services for non-custodial redirection orders
  • Home visits for people who have mobility limitations or who can’t bring the kids
  • Help connecting to other support services and agencies
  • Help with parenting, planning budgets and household management
  • Guidance and support to regain custody of children
  • Guidance and support to respond to contact from Families SA
  • Help getting kids to school, and responding to concerns from the school
  • Talking to Aboriginal Health Workers, your General Practitioner and other health services at Nunkuwarrin Yunti and other agencies
  • Support letters and reports to other agencies, to help you get the support you need from all service providers
  • Referrals to other Nunkukwarrin Yunti services, as well as Government and other agency services, for example Drug and Alcohol services, Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement, Link Up, Job Networks and many more


Social Work

Our Social Worker provides individual case management support for people with multiple and/or complex social health needs associated with mental health conditions. This includes supporting people to engage in therapy, advocacy and maintaining connection to community and family.

The Social Worker provides advocacy services that support and encourage clients to access a range of social health and welfare services, which include other Nunkuwarrin Yunti programs and external agencies.

The Social Worker also provides inclusive, client driven case management (short and longer term) for people with complex and/or multiple social health needs. The Social Worker will participate in case conferences and client care reviews with internal programs and/or external agencies.

In addition to case work support, the Social Worker can:

  • Come with you to consult with Psychologists, Psychiatrists and your General Practitioner
  • Support you in going to group support meetings
  • Help you get out into the community and do things that have become difficult
  • Participate in community and other social events
  • Sort out medication and other treatment
  • Visit you at home to check how you are going
  • Accompany and advocate for you ate case conferences, for example with your General Practitioner, Psychiatrist and Psychologists
  • Help you reconnect or stay connected with family and friends during tough times
  • Support you in making safe decisions in your self-care, and staying right during treatment
  • Other Social & Emotional Well Being and Healing Activities

Our Women’s Healing Group meets regularly and provides women with the opportunity to share their stories and be supportive of others in their healing journeys (see below for more details).

We work together with other Aboriginal organisations to promote community events and get involved in projects that promote healing and improving social wellbeing.

We engage with Aboriginal Justice Officers at Section 9c conferences to provide advice on available services to support Aboriginal defendants in addressing the background to their offending.

Social Emotional Well-being Services Referral form

You can also complete and forward this referral form to seek Social and Emotional Well being services from us.

How to access our services:

Ring us on 8406 1600 or come in and have a chat to discuss your situation. We can give you information and refer you to the right service and people for your needs.

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