10772NAT – Diploma of Narrative Approaches for Aboriginal People (Counselling Group and Community Work)

Course Details

Nunkuwarrin Yunti in late 2018 successfully sought and achieved reaccreditation of the Diploma of Narrative Approaches for Aboriginal People until October 2023.

This course is intended to provide participants with a range of knowledge and skills to perform functions associated with roles of Aboriginal Social and Emotional Well Being Workers using Narrative Approaches.

It provides Aboriginal communities and health workers with the skills and knowledge to apply specific Narrative Approaches to Social Emotional Well Being (SEWB) support.

Critically, Narrative Approaches acknowledges Aboriginal history and the policies and practices that have influenced the lives of Aboriginal people, and the effects of these experiences in shaping their daily lives.

It acknowledges Aboriginal people’s experience of dispossession and marginalisation within a dominant culture, incorporating a socio-political perspective to assist people to better understand forces that have shaped their appreciation and knowledge of self.

Graduates operate at a high level of independence with the ability to specialise in the application of Narrative Approaches when working with SEWB clients.

The Diploma is particularly suited to Aboriginal workers who are employed in various SEWB job roles in which counselling duties comprise a significant part of their job role. The Diploma provides a strong foundation in Narrative counselling practices. This can then be further developed within the context of a student’s job role and ongoing professional supervision and further training.

The Diploma has been designed to ensure that students’ learning is connected to their day-to-day work in their communities.

Specifically, the course will give participants:

  • The confidence and the ability to use Narrative Approaches in various roles when working with individuals, groups and communities in the area of SEWB
  • The knowledge and skills to provide a service that is sensitive to the needs of people
  • The ability to coordinate social and emotional wellbeing health care delivery and to effectively refer clients
  • A clearer awareness of themselves as health professionals, and the skills required in responding to the expectations of communities in which they work
  • An accredited diploma qualification that is recognised nationally

Only open to Aboriginal people working in the SEWB field

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