People Development

Nunkuwarrin Yunti now has a Workforce Support Unit which is distinct from its Registered Training Organisation. Click on the following links for further information:

The Workforce Support Unit and the Registered Training Organisation evolved from recommendations 33a-c (Indigenous well-being model), 34a-b (Health professional training) and 35 (Mental health worker training) of the Bringing them home Report.

Among other things, Social & Emotional Regional Centres were established in response to these recommendations.

The Urbis Keys Young evaluation of the Bringing them home programs that ensued largely provided support for these programs, although in respect to the Regional Centres there were concerns about their capacity to provide professional supervision and support to those who were working with the Stolen Generations. Among other things, Urbis Keys Young recommended improving the operation of Regional Centres through things such as requiring all SEWB Regional Centres to:

  • be accredited as Registered Training Organisations;
  • better meet the needs of Aboriginal SEWB workers located further away from the Centres (for instance, through providing more training on an outreach basis, and exploring alternative training delivery methods such as teleconferencing and web-based methods); and
  • retaining one Centre each for Victoria, NSW, SA and the ACT, and two each for WA, NT and Queensland.