Influenza (flu) season’s here. Call us to book in your flu jab NOW!

Influenza (the flu) is a viral infection that can spread quickly and cause widespread illness and deaths every year.

This year the liklihood of catching the flu virus is higher than it has been recently. This is because people have been less exposed to the virus and the uptake of influenza (flu) vaccines in 2021 was low.
Now that international borders are reopening, we will see more influenza (flu) in 2022. So we need to make sure we get our flu jabs.

Who should get an the influenza (flu) jab?

Vaccination experts say that influenza vaccines are for ALL people aged 6 months and over. Under the National Immunisation Program, free influenza (flu) vaccines are available to people who are at higher risk of complications from influenza. People such as:
• children aged 6 months to less than 5 years
• all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 6 months and over
• people aged 6 months and over with certain medical conditions that increase their chance of severe influenza and its complications
• pregnant women (at any stage during pregnancy)
• people aged 65 years and over.

Influenza and COVID-19 vaccination

The influenza vaccine and COVID-19 vaccines can be safely given at the same visit. The best way to protect yourself against getting both infections this winter is to make sure you’ve had your influenza vaccine and are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, including any recommended booster doses.

When you book in to get your influenza (flu) vaccine, talk to your health adviser on whether they can give you both vaccines at the same time.

**Call Nunkuwarrin Yunti on 8406-1600 to make an appointment.

National Reconciliation Week 2021

The 2021 National Reconciliation Week’s theme is ‘More than a word. Reconciliation takes action.’ It’s urging braver and more impactful action for the reconciliation movement.
This year marks 20 years of the Reconciliation movement. A key message is that as a nation of people we need to move from ‘safe’ to ‘brave to advance reconciliation.

Here’s a list of 20 Actions we can take for Reconciliation in 2021.

Find out more on Reconciliation Week 2021

Celebrate Aboriginal Children’s Day on 4 August 2020

August 4 is National Aboriginal Children’s Day. It’s a day when Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and communities celebrate strengths in culture and our children.

Nunkuwarrin Yunti is committed to the well-being of our Aboriginal children and celebrates them as cultural leaders and Elders of Tomorrow.

As COVID-19 is still with us, Nunkuwarrin Yunti’s celebrations of the occasion will be small displays and little goody bags as giveaways for children, if you are visiting the Wakefield (Adelaide city) and Brady Street (Elizabeth Downs) clinics during the week 3-7 August.  We’ll love it if you celebrate with us….even if it means doing it from a social distance!

Find out more from the Aboriginal Children’s Day website (click here)

Covid-19: Update and what you need to know

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a respiratory illness caused by a new virus. Symptoms range from a mild cough to pneumonia. Some people recover easily, others may get very sick very quickly. We will be using this platform to keep you up to date with the lastest information about Coronavirus and news alerts, information on prevention and F.A.Q’s.

Learn more here.

Hep C: Information for ATSI peoples and new treatments

Hepatitis C (hep C) is a blood borne virus that is transmitted through blood to blood contact.  Blood to blood contact can include fighting, contact sports, some sexual behaviours, sharing razors, toothbrushes and injecting equipment, backyard tattoos or getting tattoos overseas (where there’s no sterilising of equipment) – anything that involves blood exposure. Blood spills in workplaces are also ‘high risk’.  Now there are new treatments available with a high rate of success clearing the virus and with less side effects.

We want our clients and community to learn about the virus, find out about the latest cures and what steps you need to take to get treatment.

You can also find out about modern methods of treating erectile dysfunction and where to buy impotence medications safely and at a low price on the website

Nunkuwarrin Yunti has developed a range of printed materials specially designed for ATSI peoples and ready for immediate use by:

  1.   our clients, our Community members
  2.   other service providers who interact with Aboriginal people or clients.

Clients and our Community members

If you are one of our clients or a member of the Community and keen to find out about hep C, you can do any one or all of the following:

  • call Nunkuwarrin Yunti and speak to someone in the Harm Minimisation team (HMT) on 84061600. Your call will be treated in confidence. The HMT can give you information booklets (see the list below) that will be useful to understand the virus and how hep C affects your health on a daily basis. The booklets tell you how you can get tested for the virus and the latest treatments that are available
  • set up an appointment to be tested and assessed for hep C. You can call your GP or call us at Nunkuwarrin Yunti and see one of our GPs. You will be tested and you will get advice on the latest cures and treatments.

Other service providers

If you are a service provider, seeking to access to hep C materials specifically designed for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, you can:

  • also request for the following information booklets (a range of four – listed below), available from Nunkuwarrin Yunti’s Harm Minimisation team. Call 84061600 or email

 Available Booklets:

  1. Bang it up safe way – targeting Aboriginal people who inject drugs
  2. Protect yourself – Be Blood Aware –  Aboriginal community awareness on transmission
  3. Hep C is everyone’s business- Aboriginal community awareness on why to get tested
  4. Hep C Cure – New treatments work – (Aboriginal people living with BBV thinking about treatment)


The Aboriginal Diabetes Study

Nunkuwarrin Yunti’s supports The Aboriginal Diabetes Study being run by the Wardliparingga Aboriginal Research Unit at SAHMRI. Such a large study like this needs the support of Aboriginal organisations such as Nunkuwarrin Yunti to get the word out in the community.

The study is looking to recruit up to 4,000 Aboriginal people aged 15 years and older comprising 2,000 people with Type 2 Diabetes and 2,000 people without Type 2 Diabetes from all across South Australia.

The study aims to:

1. Understand the problem of Type 2 Diabetes and its complications in Aboriginal people.
2. Better predict the development of complications of diabetes in this population.
3. Improve the delivery of diabetes care to Aboriginal people and find solutions to better treat Type 2 Diabetes and prevent complications.

All people who participate in the study will receive a free full health assessment performed by the Aboriginal clinical research team. The assessment includes heart, eye and foot check, blood pressure and blood test. Participants are not paid to be involved but the information people provide will help us understand diabetes for the next generation.

For further information or to register to participate in the study, please visit the Aboriginal Diabetes Study website.


Nunkuwarrin Yunti Win CitySwitch Award!

As winners of awards in both 2014 and 2015 Nunkuwarrin Yunti of South Australia Inc were invited to be part of this video produced through Adelaide City Council. The CitySwitch program includes more than 3,000,000,000 square metres of office floor space nationally. Here is a short (2-3 minute) video for CitySwitch, highlighting what it has meant for Nunkuwarrin Yunti as a signatory.

Rewrite Your Story campaign wins a DEADLY

The social marketing campaign was awarded the inaugural category for Excellence in Health Through the Promotion of Healthy and Smoke Free Lifestyles at the 19th Deadlys®.

Developed by the Puiyurti (Don’t Smoke) team the campaign features the real-life smoking stories of 16 local community Ambassadors in the aim of inspiring Adelaide’s Aboriginal communities to rewrite their own stories and give up smokes for good.

The Deadlys® are an annual celebration of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander achievements in music, sport, health and entertainment. They are voted for by the public.

In accepting the award at the Sydney Opera House, Puiyurti (Don’t Smoke) Tackling Tobacco Coordinator Donna Pickett said the award was recognition for the hope and inspiration displayed by all 16 Ambassadors in supporting their community to make positive changes for the future.

“This is about encouraging and empowering the Aboriginal community in South Australia to live longer for their family – for their children and grandchildren – and to be healthy role models,” Ms Pickett said.

“We thank all of our Ambassadors for courageously telling their stories and helping to inspire our mob to give up the smokes for good. This award is for you! ”

The Rewrite Your Story campaign also received a host of finalists and four Best of Category Awards at the recent AADC (Adelaide Advertising and Design Club Awards). Visit the website at

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