Belinda Mitchell 2022 – 2023 Diploma Graduate

Narrative was a self-development, helped me with my own trauma and triggers that I never knew I had and without this I wouldn’t be here today and also be able to pass in onto our community and help our mob. It’s a critical and special course and if you can get to do it’s a privilege.

Regina Newchurch

The experience of the Diploma of Narrative Approaches helped open up a new way of communicating and listening to “the story” of where it all began and the reasons behind why it is now. It is not only great for enhancing your skills with work deliveries to your own Communities around SEWB, but it is also creates moments for yourself in regards to your own self-care and self-reflection. This allows you to become stronger within yourself which in the end enables you to encourage others to take the same journey to experience it for themselves.

Gloria Ann Lockyer

The thoughts from our life within our minds, our hearts and our souls are guided towards transforming them into words. Narrative allows each and every one of us to find our own words that express how we feel and communicate who we are to one another. Creating a deeper understanding, narrative allows us to make positive affirmations about who we are and choose what we want to do with our lives. There is still a lot of pain, hurt, trauma and daily suffering among our people. How do we help people to express what that is and find the resistant within to move beyond for a better life? Narrative is truly an Indigenous therapy which allows us to be creative, compassionate and hold the privilege of hearing about other people’s journeys while learning Dadirri. We hear about the struggle and understand it, and while knowing that it is their journey, we can walk along side of them and be a part of the solutions that they begin to unravel over time. I loved doing this course.

Harley Hall

This course is by far the best course I have ever done! It has changed my life in so many ways and has opened my eyes up so much by building on my resilience and teaching me more patience. It has taught me to be a better listener and be more open-minded and to think outside the box and see the bigger picture.
This course has definitely made me a better person and helped me build on my knowledge and the importance of culture and identity between the two worlds of being Aboriginal in a western society.

Lou Turner

To undertake the ‘Diploma of Narrative Approaches for Aboriginal People’ is to undertake an exploration into your self-identity as an Aboriginal person. The diploma provides a unique framework to explore and strengthen your identity and how to relate this to your family and community that you live and work within.
The Narrative journey for me has provided me with an understanding of my position between past and future generations who have and will continue the knowledge cycle of passing forward our culture, and looking after our mob.
Through this journey I have developed the frameworks to exist and walk between two worlds with pride.

Tyson Carmody

The Diploma of Narrative Approaches course is like that missing piece of the puzzle, it just fits perfectly in every aspect of my personal and professional life. It has helped me to communicate more effectively with my family and to focus on developing culturally appropriate programs with greater purpose and intentions in addressing Social and Emotional Wellbeing needs of the young people I work with. The course is delivered with such professionalism by the team at PDU and our teacher provides a safe, respectful and fun space for learning no matter your learning style. I feel like I was meant for Narrative Approaches and Narrative Approaches was meant for me.

Di Wilson

“In my opinion it is the best education we can receive to make sure our Tool Kits are full and has the right tools for service delivery for our Aboriginal Communities. The Diploma of Narrative Approaches provides a strong foundation in counselling practices for our Aboriginal Workers that are engaged in Social and Emotional Well Being to allow a safe sensitive service delivery to our Aboriginal Community.”

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