Gloria Ann Lockyer

The thoughts from our life within our minds, our hearts and our souls are guided towards transforming them into words. Narrative allows each and every one of us to find our own words that express how we feel and communicate who we are to one another. Creating a deeper understanding, narrative allows us to make positive affirmations about who we are and choose what we want to do with our lives. There is still a lot of pain, hurt, trauma and daily suffering among our people. How do we help people to express what that is and find the resistant within to move beyond for a better life? Narrative is truly an Indigenous therapy which allows us to be creative, compassionate and hold the privilege of hearing about other people’s journeys while learning Dadirri. We hear about the struggle and understand it, and while knowing that it is their journey, we can walk along side of them and be a part of the solutions that they begin to unravel over time. I loved doing this course.

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