Maternal Child and Family Health

Nunkuwarrin Yunti provides a range of programs to support women, children and families during pregnancy, after birth and until children are 5 years of age. This includes non-Aboriginal women having an Aboriginal baby and caring for Aboriginal infants and children.

Pregnancy Care

Think you might be pregnant? Make an appointment and come and talk to our midwife, Aboriginal Health Workers or GPs.

It is important to contact us as early as possible so we can help you stay healthy in pregnancy, provide you with information on your choices for antenatal care and book your first visit with the hospital.

Attending regular antenatal appointments while you are pregnant is important for monitoring your health and the health of your baby. You can choose ‘Shared Care’ and have some of your antenatal appointments at Nunkuwarrin Yunti, seeing our GPs, midwife and Aboriginal Health Workers and some of your appointments at the hospital. Or you can choose to receive all your antenatal care at the hospital, at either the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Lyell McEwin Hospital or Flinders Medical Centre. Aboriginal Family Birthing programs are available at the Women’s and Children’s and Lyell McEwin Hospitals.

We can assist you to make your first booking visit with the hospital and link you to any other services you may need. We can also keep in touch with you throughout your pregnancy and be there to provide care for you and your baby after the birth and as your baby grows and develops.

First Time Mums

We have a program providing additional support for first time mums or for women who it might be their first opportunity to parent. The Nunkuwarrin Yunti Family Partnership Program is a great program for building your confidence and skills as a mother-to-be and as a new parent. An Aboriginal Family Partnership Worker and Nurse visit you at home (or in another appropriate place) and support you on your journey through pregnancy and until your child is two years of age.

To access this program you need to be less than 6 months pregnant but we can visit you any time before then. See the attached flyer for more information on accessing this program. We welcome all enquiries about the program as the earlier we see you the better! Call us on 08 8150 5000.

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The Nunkuwarrin Yunti Family Partnership Program is part of the Australian Nurse-Family Partnership Program

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Strong Mums Solid Kids


Child Health Checks and Immunisations

Our Healthy Kids program provides care and support for your newborn and up until your child is 5 years of age. This includes all baby and child health checks, immunisations, information about child health, development and parenting. We also put you in touch with other services and our supported playgroup. Clinics are staffed by Aboriginal Health Workers and Child Health Nurses and operate from both Wakefield Street and Brady Street. Home visits are also an option. For further information call us on 08 8406 1600.

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Ear Health

We have a Healthy Ears program that provides screening and access to specialist services through Nunkuwarrin Yunti. If your child is suffering from an ear problem and needs a hearing test, diagnosis or treatment, we are able to provide access to audiology (hearing test), Ears Nose and Throat specialist and surgery, and if needed, speech pathology. This program operates in partnership with The Rural Doctors Workforce Agency (RDWA).

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Support for Families with Complex Needs

We support families with additional needs who may need assistance from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) for their child This might include children experiencing difficulties with language and speech, delays in reaching developmental milestones and difficulties with emotions. Our Aboriginal Maternal and Child Health Worker will help you access the NDIS and advocate for you in finding culturally appropriate services that work for you.

Mental Health Support

Being pregnant and having a new baby can increase stress and during this time you may be more susceptible to mental health problems. Or you may already have a mental health problem and might need extra support. We focus on early intervention to support our mothers and babies to build strong and healthy relationships. Our Perinatal Infant Mental Health Clinician or Aboriginal Health Workers may be able to provide support in connecting to services or your current mental health provider.

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